Mouragio tavern is family owned and operated and when you visit us we treat you like a member of our family. Our warm and friendly atmosphere not only keeps our customers coming back, again and again, it also helps to keeps our staff with us. The majority of our service staff has been attending to our customers' needs for years, so you can expect the best.

We provide a plenty of excellent local food and wine for truly Greek experience. Highlights are various fresh fish, lobster of superb quality, lamb, goat, pork and various vegetable dishes. All is freshly prepared and served in a very friendly atmosphere. Many Tinians from around take their dinner here as well, so that says it all.

Our entire menu are made fresh daily, for your enjoyment, from treasured family recipes.

It is open from April until October every day between 8a.m. - 24 p.m.

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Mouragio restorant